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Schedule time with one of our leading golf professionals as they conduct an assessment of your game and use our best-in-class technology to help achieve your goals.

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Wanna become a Pro? Have a tournament coming up? or just wanna beat your friends in this weekends round of Golf? Purchase a package and get those birdies!

Gary Barter

For more than three decades Gary Barter has plied his trade as a teaching professional at The Australian Golf Club in Sydney and was recently recognised for his passion and dedication to the game by being named NSW PGA High-Performance Coach for 2021. The long-time coach of multiple US PGA Tour winner and two-time Aussie Open champion Matt Jones and up-and-comer Blake Windred, who recently claimed the Vic PGA title, Barter has also mentored and influenced the careers of numerous elite players over many years.

Michael Smyth

Michael is a Certified PGA member who is advanced in Coaching and Game development.

As an elite amateur, Michael was fortunate to be a member of the New South Wales Institute of Sport, which provided him with the opportunity to learn from high level coaches and service providers within the golf industry.

Since turning professional Michael has played tournaments throughout Australia, Asia and America, before turning his attention to coaching.

His coaching philosophy has been influenced by his experiences as a player and his continued learning as a coach. As a result, he combines his understanding of the players physical attributes and the use of technology, to provide a framework for how a player can lower scores.

Dream golf group: Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan and Adam Scott

Favourite major: The Open

Sam Newbrun

Sam Newbrun has been playing and coaching for 10+ years as an Australian PGA Professional. Keeping it simple while utilising technology and experience to give the client a complete understanding of an issue then how it can be improved.

Sam’s lessons will be focusing on areas of improvement such as body and ground connection, timing, clubface control, Trackman data, and the mental game. A very approachable and comfortable learning environment is created throughout his lessons.

Favourite shot ever: Hole in one with a 6 iron to win a C300 Mercedes at the G Brothers Mercedes Pro-am in Albury Wodonga December 2018

Ultimate worst 4 ball: Patrick Reed!!!

One piece of advice Sam provides to any golfer, “‘It’s all in the hips’ - Make sure your foundation is strong enough to support that upper body and hips rotating. Connect nicely with the ground to start and activate legs.”

Ashley Grant

Ashley Grant has been coaching since 2009. Currently completing his Australian PGA Membership Pathway Program. Mentored by Gary Barter, the director of instruction at the Australian Golf Club, Ashley is well versed on helping golfers of all levels improve quickly and sustain that improvement. He gives each golfer the benefit of his experience and provides easy to understand solutions to each of his students.

Favourite shot ever: Tiger’s famous chip in at the Masters on the 16th hole.

Some advice Ashley offers to his golfers, “Learn to swing the club using your body weight”

Ben Doney

Ben is a certified PGA Professional with over 25 years in the golf industry. A former PGA Tour Rules Official, Ben has also been a constant fixture on Fox Sports Your Golf Show over the past 18 years.

Ben enjoys coaching all levels of golfers with an emphasis on using the latest technology including Trackman and helping golfers understand the numbers to improve not only their game but also the enjoyment of their overall golfing experience. He has a relaxed and down to earth style which makes learning fun for all golfers.

Ben witnessed his greatest ever golf shot whilst standing on the 16th hole at Augusta National during the 2019 US Masters - Tiger Woods hit a 179 yard 8 iron which almost went in the hole - Tiger went on to make birdie and win the tournament in the best sporting comeback of all time.

Ultimate worst 4 ball: Doesn’t exist! Anytime on the golf course is a good time!

One piece of advice Ben provides to all of his clients, “Swing with ease into the breeze!”

Allan Hughie

Allan brings a new age approach to coaching by focusing on performance, game management and psychology.

His passion for learning and inquisitive nature will ensure he is up to date with the latest golfing techniques and technology. In a sport driven by technology and data it is Allan’s mission to understand its complexity and break it down to be explained with simplicity

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